"I was walkin' at the Farol da Barra Beach (Bahia Brazil) last august '04 when i saw this sculpture in the sand.. It was really unbelieveble.. The guy that made this is a real Artist. Is this a sand sculpture or a real woman?

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  1. rmchavin said...
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  2. rmchavin said...

    After studying this photo on a dozen other websites, I was fooled at first just like everybody else. However, thanks to this excellent website, I now can say with confidence that this is a photo of a skillfully-created sand sculpture and that no real, living, Brazilian lady is pretending to be a sand sculpture in this photo. What changed my mind? First, this is a community of sand-sculpting artists who are fully capable of creating the finest sand sculptures. Second, the right foot appears a little too arched compared to a genuine, human foot. Third, the elevation of the buttocks is a little too idealized (extreme) for a normal, human spine (backbone).  


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