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Wife of Today: Try to share equal rights

Future Wife; will need to served by husband.

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Angelina Jolie Doll

Great news for doll-lovers! Now a new doll can join your collection - an exact copy of Angelina Jolie. But you will have to manage to buy it off from another Jolie fan, who paid $3,350 for it on an Internet auction. By far not many fans can afford such luxurious item.

The doll, which was created by the artist Noel Cruz, comes with various costumes and wigs. Unfortunately, the doll has a noticeable shortcoming - it does not have Jolie’s tattoos.

Some naggers say that Jolie does not have such long legs as the “Barbie” does, and that she never was that slim as the doll appears to be. Moreover, when compared to the state Jolie is today, a breastfeeding mom, the doll hardly resembles the star.

How much does the doll resemble the real Angelina Jolie and is it worth the sum payed for it (especially since it is missing the tattoos) is something you have to judge for yourself.

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