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It's amazing how beautiful these trees are in the snowy Winter. The air looks so crisp and clean. It almost makes me sad that we don't get slow here in Southern California in the Winter...almost..

Some might say that professional and extreme bodybuilding is all about pushing the body to its limits, in search of that “perfect image” that tends to vary from person to person. Others might claim that it’s an addiction that can’t be helped, a habit that must be continuously fuelled and supported. But whatever a person’s reason for pushing the limits, most will agree that steroids, specifically anabolic steroids, tend to do more harm than good, especially when the side-effects are brought to attention.

This piece intends to shine a light on the potentially horrific outcomes when a female bodybuilder decides to take things beyond what most might rationally call “the norm”, as in the perceived image of what a feminine form should look like. This writer understands that this is a topic in which opinion and personal preferences play the largest part in any decision, but merely aims to provoke thought on the matter of what it is that drives people to do this to themselves. Is it madness or sheer willpower and a desire to achieve something that drives these women? Is the resultant figure or body an example of horror, or that of beauty, which is – as they say – in the eye of the beholder?

Anabolic steroids are a steroid hormone which is directly related to the predominantly male sex hormone, testosterone. These steroids increase the synthesis of protein within cells, thus resulting in the buildup of tissue, especially in muscles. The word “anabolic” comes from the Greek words “anabole” meaning “to build up”, as well as the word “androgenic” (as well as meaning the enhancement of masculine characteristics due to the increment in testosterone levels) from the Greek words “andros” and “genein”, meaning “man” and “to produce”, respectively.

The side effects associated with steroid abuse are particularly negative for women, resulting in a whole range of various problems and unwanted effects including – but not limited to – deepening of the voice, increased body hair and clitoromegaly, or an abnormal enlargement of the clitoris. So take a look at the following professional female body builders and decide for yourself where you think the boundary between beauty/obsession lies and whether or not these people have left that line so far behind that they begin to lose all traces of their femininity. One note: The portraits are done by photographer Martin Schoeller as part of a series of portraits of female bodybuilders, check out some of his work here.

Colette Guimond

Stephanie Kessler

Kim Harris

Christine Roth

Rosemary Jennings

Dayana Cadeau

Dianne Solomons

Eulalia Santos - Hi-Rez Version, brace yourself.

Jaslyn Hewitt – Tennis pro Lleyton Hewitt’s sister, before and after her foray into bodybuilding.

Nicole Bass – Self-proclaimed "Largest Woman Bodybuilder in the world today" and former WWE and ECW pro-wrestler.

Beer is by far the most popular beverage in the universe. Well, at least in the world. Have you ever wondered what countries produced beer, and what the most popular domestically produced beers were in these countries? We did. So then we decided to compile a ton of information, pictures, and then we got thirsty and got some imports. We now have a running checklist of our world tour of these beers: 3 down, 113 to go. If you have any we missed, please leave a comment with the name of the beer and the country and I'll add it to the list!

Albania: Birra Tirana


Angola: Cuca


Antigua and Barbuda: Wadadli Gold


Argentina: Quilmes Cerveza


Armenia: Kotayk


Australia: Victoria Bitter

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Located in northern California, the Monticello Dam’s is the largest morning glory spillway all over the world. This funnel-shaped outlet, allows water to bypass the dam when it reaches capacity, as it swallows a rate of 48,400 cubic feet per second (1370 m³/s).

The distance from the funnel to the exit point - which is situated in the south side of the canyon - is about 700 feet.

© 2006 Jeff Carlson, used with permission

This type of spillway is basically a giant cement funnel. The hole's largest diameter is 72 feet and narrows to about 28 feet.

According to Davis Wiki, "for obvious reasons, swimming near the glory hole is both prohibited and stupid. There are buoys strung across the lake to discourage boaters and swimmers from approaching the glory hole and the dam. Furthermore, the glory hole is well fenced off from the land.".

"During the drier months, when Lake Berryessa's water level is well below the rim of the glory hole, skateboarders and bikers sometimes use the spillway's horizontal exit as a half-pipe”.

Finally, you can take a look at the hole on Google Maps:

More info and sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 y 5

Other drain holes (updated from reddit and Fogonazos comments)

Langelsheim (Germany)

Harriman Dam, Vermont - New England (USA)

Turquoise lake, Colorado (USA)

Benag├ęber, Valencia (Spain)

San Roque Lake, Cordoba (Argentina)


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