When we fall asleep, our metabolic rate slows down, as does almost every other function across the board, we effectively go into hibernation mode. The amount of adrenaline in our body promoting awareness decreases and somatotrophin, controlling the repair of tissue is more abundant. This is effectively the healing process of sleep that revitalizes us.

For about a third of your life, you are asleep. While you sleep, your heart rate drops, your muscles relax, your breathing slows and you respond less and less to the outside world. Sleep also restores the body's energy and may help you commit to memory things that have happened during the day.

But dreamless sleep was a privilege only the dead were allowed. And for the time being, it was as good as being dead, because nothing would be able to rouse her from this particular slumber. Girls really look sweet and sexy when sleeping especially when they are not drunk. Here are some sleeping beauties while dreaming



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