Here is allegedly the oldest woman ever to have lived at the age of 134 years old. Her name is Kookoo Molookoo and despite her age and failing eyesight she still appears to be full of spirit in this video.

In the video you can see a birth certificate for Kookoo Molookoo stating she was born in 4th July, 1874 . However, records were not officially kept that far back so it is not 100% certain this is her real age.

Kookoo Molookoo, now known as the 134 Year Old Woman lives in the bushlands of South Africa and has a daughter aged 90, 29 grandchildren, 59 great grandchildren and their children too.

Her long-life does not seem to be a result of a healthy diet either with spinach, meat, sweets, and coca cola among her favorite foods. Kookoo Molookoo says that the secret to being the oldest girl alive is trust in God and respect for parents.



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