Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to be having some couple issues. Angie's been working long hours on the set of her latest movie Salt and Brad is having a hard time caring for their six children and not getting enough attention from her. According to sources, and apparently Angelina is upset with Brad's drinking. Sounds like a recipe for disaster!

Friends are afraid the mega-star couple are headed for a nasty breakup and if it goes to court, Brad will ask for full custody of their six kids.

It seems the fairytale romance is almost over - Brad is upset because Angie won't spend time with him or marry him, and Angelina is not thrilled when she arrives home from work to find Brad drinking.

It recently came to a head when Angelina arrived home to find Brad drinking beer, and watching a DVD while their children caused chaos elsewhere in the house.

A source said, "It ended up with a big shouting match. They may end up splitting for good, and if it comes to that, Brad is going to ask for custody of all the children."

There could also be the issue of dividing up their massive fortune.

Well, if Pitt is having a hard time caring for six kids while Angelina is working, why would he want full custody of them? He'd really be nuts!

Does this mean they're not having any more children?




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